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My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundations, and I know that I should let go, but I can't.

welcome to fuck yeah kate nash! feel free to submit anything kate related :) since all the photos (unless submitted) are just found around the internet it's tough to give the right person credit, if a photo belongs to you and you want credit just message us! (:
I'm going to a Kate Nash concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco on 22 November, and I have no idea what to wear. It's indoor, standing room only, general admission and the doors open at 8. Any ideas?
by kkath-erine

I wont be at this show since I now live in Oregon BUT I used to live in California and been to The Fillmore many times and I’ve seen Kate before. If I were you I would wear comfy shoes and comfy clothes. You’ll be dancing and it gets hot. I know SF is cold but The Fillmore has a place to check in coats that isn’t too high in price. Have fun!!!! Take photos and submit! 

I'm trying to get this message out to as many Kate fans as poss - I'm selling one ticket to her Manchester date on the 19th October!!! I'll sell it for like £10 (I paid £15 inc booking fees) tweet me @maisiemouseyy or send me a tumblr ask if you're interested :-) could you possibly publish this ask to get the message out?? THANK U ✌✌✌
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Kate Nash @ Niceto Club

Inspired by ‘Hey Asshole’ video. I made this drawing for you @katenash
Girl talk.. I am ready!!!
Hi, would you be able to promo this blog? I basically take Kate Nash lyrics and add them to cliche hipster photos. Thanks so much!
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Katenashobviously blog is so much better!!
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Thanks for your input, really!

picture i took a few years ago in the academy dublin :)


Kate Nash (‘Made of Bricks’ ALT) // A3 // Love this album, thought I’d make my own cover - sort of.
Original drawing will be put up later, maybe. It’s late and I’m tired. :(


I have owned this for some time and only remembered recently that I had it. ‘Froggy Froggy Froggy’ is a rare b-side of the ‘Later On’ single (mine is also hand signed) that has managed to escape the internet for a number of years. Well here it is! Enjoy!

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